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who would win?
the most advanced form of communication and free information on a global scale
some indian pie dude

good work though yo!

always a good night when krinkles uploads some madness
good as always yo, good music choice too, very fitting

i always love how you add either a joke or just little easter eggs, like things on the walls or characters interacting with each other in ways we wouldn't expect, my favorite still being in Incident:100A when S and D made a bet about killing the first guy in the beginning, always great to see things like that, its the little things that people pick up on the most

good job all around my dude!

dude animations like this are always funny
nice job all around on this one, i like the representations you drew
very fluent too, good work yo!

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game was rather interesting, turned out completely different then what I thought it would be, are you going to add more then rainbow dash and twilight sparkle in the near future?

lexand007 responds:

I hope so, but I'm in an another project, so, I'll see if I'll make so change. Stay tuned!

princess don tonks
unstoppable cosplay addict
I can turn wood into Sweden..............well........interesting...

why is this only compatible for touchscreen devices its also telling me to download a program in order to play

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well youve been busy huh? kool song here though, got a good ambient vibe thats pretty uplifting

harmor is life ;p

ducking is a much better term than sidechaining, also ducking is insanely easy in FL, i always thought i was stupid because i couldn't figure it out but here's how to easily do it without all the automation BS

link your kick drum to your bass in the mixer and right click on the arrow at the bottom of the insert (kick and bass are in separate inserts obviously), select 'sidechain to this track'

now your kick is sending input to your bass, the kick itself isn't being sent but the transients from your kick are being sent
basically the waveform of your kick is going to automatically set the volume dropoff for your bass (way faster then trying to guess the right automation points to make it duck better)

now on your bass insert, pop on a limiter and go to the compression tab, right click on the sidechain box and the insert your kick is set to should appear so select that insert.
then in the loudness section, turn down your THRES knob by like 20-30% then up the RATIO knob by the same amount

now you have Fruity limiter doing the most basic duck it can, the rest of the tweaks are up to you however as your ears are the best judge

also another fun tactic ive picked up on is using PEQ2 and cutting out the bass completely with a very steep low pass and automating the 7th bands frequency knob to follow the kick drums waveform, so the bass is getting EQed out while your kick comes in nice and clean

also great song yo, i like your sound design throughout the track
watch your volume with hi hats and crashes and what not as those are part of the ''if it sounds quiet, its probably not that quiet'' group of sounds

great work yo keep it up!

SlashCrazySmirk responds:

Thanks for the feedback man! This is the kinda stuff I need, constructive criticism. I'll definitely try to improve on my next song with this help. Glad you like this song aswell.

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dude this is like the 8th time this week ive come back to look at this, its so fucking good

i cant even formulate words to express how good your art is but holy fuck dude dont ever stop doing it because this is awesome

but where is the other amazing pictures we drew?

tfw you can relate to a gif

great work however, keep it up!

HEYYYOOOOO i try to make some cool music, enjoy it if you want! i use FL studio 12.5 and ableton live lite

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